We are committed to assisting those who are in a weaker financial position. When it is just and equitable, we adopt an early dispute resolution approach wherever possible.  We support mediation as a key dispute resolution solution.

We try not to escalate your conflict but to reduce it and strive to keep you out of the red on the dispute resolution spectrum.

What to expect when you and your partner retain a family lawyer

When many of our clients come to us they have had no experience in instructing lawyers and are surprised by how quickly our fees clock up.

“Solicitors are not employed to act as ‘postman’ to vent the anger and vitriol of their clients. Legal practitioners have a duty to minimise costs and to reduce conflict.”  Justice Benjamin, Family Court of Australia, December 2017

It is important to understand that it is our job to take the “heat” out of matters and to reduce conflict  – we won’t engage in tit for tat exchanges with your partner’s lawyers as it will only increase

Our method of working

Intentionally we only work with a small number of clients at any point in time to ensure they receive our full attention and focus. Our key objective is to deliver robust, timely and innovative solutions that meet the individual requirements of our clients.

The ClearPath Navigating Family Law team seeks to go above and beyond ordinary community expectations of what constitutes a legal service. Its clients will have access to advice that is both practical, commercial and meets their objectives, but which will be delivered with Marie’s signature empathic and considerate approach.  Our Family Law clients tell us they feel well supported emotionally during stressful times at fair and reasonable rates, as well as being provided with solid legal advice delivered promptly, and strategic direction.

We provide each of our clients with our What to Expect When You or Your Partner Retain a Family Lawyer Brochure which assists them to understand the process.

We understand that our clients have busy lives, work and are often juggling parenting commitments. To take the some of the stress out of your day, we have a flexible working hours policy so we are available, by arrangement, to speak with you out of hours should that be easier for you.

If you are unable to attend a face to face meeting, you can speak with Marie by Skype, What’s App, Facetime, phone or email.

Tailored advice for you

Bear in mind that each case is unique, and the facts and circumstances of each party differ. For this reason, advice provided to you will be tailored accordingly, taking into account your specific needs and circumstances.

Do we provide a free first consultation?

No, we do not.

Why not? When you meet with us you are receiving the benefit of our having top tier law firm legal training and almost 30 years of legal experience. Just as your time is valuable, so is ours and our advice more so. We will add value and go the extra mile for you and often alert you to issues that less experienced lawyers may overlook or to mistakes in drafting that require amending to best protect your interests.

You will find that our turn around time i.e. the time we take to respond to you is often quicker than many of our competitors.