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Marie Sullivan OAM is an experienced family law practitioner with over 30 years’ legal and negotiation experience.

Marie is an experienced senior lawyer with three decades of experience in Family and Estates Law, and Corporate and Financial Services Law, with deep experience in family law, mediation and superannuation and business law.

Marie encourages her clients to negotiate settlements rather than to engage in emotionally stressful and financially costly court cases.

Marie brings to her legal practice excellent people skills, deep listening skills, empathy, authority and high levels of professionalism, including quick turnaround time, that ensure clients feel comfortable, safe and respected.

marie sullivan

To reduce your legal fees and stress levels, we specialise in negotiating and mediating family law settlements without going to court.

Only when all else fails will court action be recommended. Then, we will conduct your case with full vigour, briefing experts as required … leading barristers, forensic accountants, valuers and child psychologists.


Our approach and policy

We are committed to assisting those who are in a weaker financial position. We try not to escalate your conflict but to reduce it and strive to keep you out of the red on the dispute resolution spectrum.

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Our range of family law legal services

We offer a broad range of family law legal services for separated, married and de facto couples including same sex couples, and interested third parties such as grandparents.

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Fees, costs and disbursements

Our Costs Agreement ensures transparency and disclosure about our costs. Our Professional Indemnity Insurer Lawcover requires a Costs Agreement and our cover protects you and us.

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What my clients say:

Professional | Analytical skills | Logical Thinker | Experience Excellent Legal Knowledge | Impartial | Eye For Detail | Diligent | Understanding | Excellent Communication Skills | Immediate Rapport | Discreet | Empathetic Listener | Prompt to Respond

If you are concerned about your ability to pay your legal fees or interested in flexibly managing payment, you may have options. One option is obtaining a loan from a family law funder such as JustFund. In certain circumstances, JustFund can provide a loan to pay your legal fees and these funds are repaid once your property settlement is complete.

Our firm is accredited with JustFund. Further information can be obtained from our firm or at www.justfund.com.au.